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Lal Constructions & Engineering prevailed in the construction industry for more than Twenty years on account of the integrity the company has been able to sustain over the years. The decisions of the customers are always given the prominence, trust & the confidentiality is preserved.


At Lal Construction & Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, We place the foremost priority to protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors, suppliers and general public who are the end-users of the buildings and infrastructure we create. Our vision has always centered on creating a workplace where zero accidents occur.


We aims to provide comprehensive planning services to all clients integrating the various disciplines necessary to carryout projects from inception to Successful completion.


Trust is a big word. It either makes something, or it breaks everything. In construction industry, we build your trust. That code of ethics governs successful path of our organization & it will continue forever.


We ensure best & next level service for you. From the inception to completion you will be ultimately satisfied with our service .We are a well-organized construction establishment & you will be wonder exactly about our service & support to fulfill your construction needs.
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